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  • Please select the position you would like to help with below.
  • To register for more than 1 position or more than one person, please complete a new form.
  • We need the name and email address of each volunteer.
  • ALL jobs will be on Sunday, August 6th except for the jobs listed with an *, which will be completed before August 6th.
  • Rising 6th thru 8th Must be Accompanied by an Adult.
  • Help us to ensure the safety of everyone by adhering to the age requirement for each position.
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We will be offering a worship service during the Bash at 11am for all volunteers. This way, as we are being the Church to the students of Union County, we don't have to miss an opportunity to worship. Please join us in Carolina Court to worship together at 11am.

Food Team
Food Team (12PM-4PM)
(Age: High School and Up)
(4 Spaces remaining)

Hair Cuts
Haircut Helpers (12PM-4PM)

(31 Spaces remaining)

Parking (12PM-4PM)
(Age: Adults Only)
(4 Spaces remaining)

Registration (12PM-4PM)
(Age: Adults Only)
(2 Spaces remaining)

School Supplies
  School Supplies (12PM-4PM)
(Age: Rising 6th grade and up)

Set-up and Clean-up
Set-up (8AM-1PM)
(Age: Rising 6th grade and up)
(31 Spaces remaining)
Clean-up (3:30PM-5:00PM)
(ALL ages)
(39 Spaces remaining)

Shoe Distribution (12PM-4PM)

(80 Spaces remaining)

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